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Professional Tree Services

Servicing Beausejour and surrounding areas

Who Are We?

We are a family based tree service business that loves providing prompt, customized and safe care for your trees. We understand the value and benefits of having well cared for trees. Healthy trees add beauty and value to your property and it is our goal to help you maximize their potential. We are committed to providing a quality service at an affordable price. 

What Do We Do?

We provide tree care services that include pruning, tree removal, shrub and hedge trimming, and stump grinding. We also respond to requests for pet and drone rescue, building maintenance, and other aerial work.

Where Do We Work?

We are based near Beausejour, MB. We serve areas including but not limited to Grand Beach, Nopiming Park, Lac Du Bonnet, Pinawa, Seven Sisters, Whiteshell Park, Anola, Dugald, Oakbank, Birds Hill Park area, Garson, Tyndall, and Selkirk and Winnipeg.



  • Removing deadwood improves tree appearance, reduces potential hazard, and encourages new growth.
  • Removing weakly attached limbs, pruning end-heavy branches, thinning dense canopy to promote airflow and sunlight exposure are ways to improve tree structure.
  • Branches too close to buildings and utilities can cause damage and power failure.

Tree Removal

We specialize in removing trees completely from your property. Strategic tree falling and removal work may include the use of our light weight aerial bucket lift or a crane. We have experienced tree climbers on our crew that can take care of trees in locations not accessible with equipment. Lowering sections of tree by rope and using ground protection mats are among the ways we use to protect your property from harm and minimize ground disturbance.

In some cases, valuable trees with structural weaknesses can be strengthened  by installing supportive cabling and/or other hardware instead of cutting the tree down.  We can do an assessment of your tree to determine what is the best approach and install support if necessary. 

Storm Damage/Emergency Work

Don’t hesitate to call us anytime in the event of a tree or branch failure that may put people or property at risk.

Stump Removal

Is there anything more useless than a stump? We grind stumps well below ground level, leaving the site level and ready for sod or seed.


As much as we enjoy our work, we love going home at the end of the day — in one piece. Safety is extremely important to us and includes insuring your property remains undamaged. We are licensed arborists, and our company is fully insured. We also work together with utility companies when lines are involved with our work.


The mulch we chip can be left on-site if you choose. We also sell and deliver mulch by the truckload or it can be picked up at our yard. Colored mulch is available on request.

How To Reach Us?

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Mark & Jhoanita Schellenberg
Phone: 204-268-0244

After hours/ Emergency: call 204-266-1258

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